Confidentiality / Privacy Policy

The operators of Ma&Ma ( take your right to privacy seriously. The special attention to privacy when processing personal data is an important concern. Personal data are subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Strato Version 3.1; require operators of this site themselves to secrecy. This website may contain links to other Web sites, which are not covered by this privacy statement. Other important information can be found in the Terms of Service.

1. Personal data

Personal information is information that can be used to ascertain identity. This includes information such as real name, address, postal address, phone number. Information that is not directly related to the real identity (such as favorite websites or number of site users) are not included.

You can use our online services without revealing your identity. If you look for a registration, thus as a member (registered user), one can deposit the individual user profile personal information. It is the freedom to decide whether this data is entered. Because it is tried to raise, for using the offer as little as possible personal data, enough for a registry to specify a name - is managed as one under the Member and not the real name must match - and the text of the e- mail address to which the password is sent out. In connection with the access to our site requires the interaction data (eg IP address, date, time and pages). There is no personal data. The statistical analysis of the data remains anonymous.

We use the personal data for technical website administration and customer administration only to the extent necessary. Additional personal data is stored only if they are given voluntarily.

2. Disclosure of personal data

We use personal information only for this site. We do not give you the information without explicit permission. If, in the context of order processing of data to service providers, they are bound by the Federal Data Protection Act, other laws and to this Privacy Policy.

Or transmission of personal data to governmental authorities only if required by law.

3. Use of Cookies

We use cookies - small files containing configuration information - a. They help to determine user preferences and to realize special user functions. We collect no personal information about cookies. All the features of the site can be used without cookies, some user features and settings are not available then.

4. Children

Persons under 18 years without the permission of parents or guardians, no personal data to us. We do not request personal information from children, collect it and pass it on to third parties.

5. Right to cancel

If you have provided us with personal data, you can at any time in the user profile change, and delete. You may request deletion of the account by contacting our webmaster. Until that time, as posts in forums, comments, announcements and articles remain however under certain circumstances - information also with the general terms of use.

6. Links to other sites

Our website contains links to other websites. We have no control over whether their operators comply with the Privacy Policy.

7. Reviews

The articles on our site are accessible to everyone. Contributions should be carefully reviewed before publication, whether they contain information not intended for the public. The contributions may result in disclosure and without activating this website accessible worldwide.